Cable tracking made easy

We are Seekable, a young startup from Amsterdam. The development of a production-ready system for the detection of submarine cables is our goal. By providing high accuracy data on cable positioning and burial depth, our system will facilitate a safer, more sustainable and efficient environment for cable maintenance. Founded in 2021, this company consists of an innovative team of physicists and engineers, combining experience, knowledge and passion.

Our Motivation

The global submarine power cable market is forecasted to grow to USD 16.56 Billion by 2023, at a Compound annual growth rate of 15.32%.

Subsea cable failures account for 77% of the total financial losses in global offshore wind projects.

Fishing and anchoring are the biggest threats for submarine cables.

Cable position and burial depth are not commonly known accurately.

Our Solution

Cables are invisible once installed in the seabed. Our survey system measures the electromagnetic field produced by subsea cables to accurately determine their position and depth of burial.

AC and DC / power and fibre optic

DC cables, three-phased AC cables and fibre optic cables: Our system has no difficulties finding any type of submarine cable.

The electromagnetic method

Electromagnetic fields produced by submarine cables propagate through the seabed and sea water. Our systems combines the information from several electromagnetic sensors to find the position of the cable

Different surveying methods

Our system can be vessel mounted or mounted on a ROV, an AUV or towed wing. Sensor data and calculated cable position are available for quality control during the survey.

“Our team is a highly motivate group of enthusiastic geophysicists and software developers. We have the vision of designing a state of the art cable tracking solution which leaves nothing to be desired.”

Tobias Stolz (Founder)

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